Foolish English

Smiley English the universal language has been the major tool of mankind in bridging gaps and solidifying unity.  However, English language if analyzed is actually a bit confusing.  A list of things that immediately entered my crazy brain are the following:

  1. Why do people call an elevator with the same word when the car is going down?  Isn’t it supposed to be called “delevator”?
  2. Similarly, why is the automatic moving stairs called escalator still called an escalator when it’s going down? Isn’t it supposed to be called “descalator”?
  3. Why do people eat a cured ham?  Has it been sick?
  4. A chicken that has been bled and pulled off its feathers is called a “dressed chicken”.
  5. A clubhouse sandwich doesn’t have a house neither a club in between bread buns.

Siguro kulang na ‘ko sa tulog…


2 thoughts on “Foolish English

  1. Naku Neil…. sa sobrang talino mo kung ano ano ang napapansin mo…. humanap ka na nga din ng partner ng me pagkaabalahan ka hehehehehehe… Happy 2007 to you…..


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