Listen to Jay, Lisa, Ingrid and a Cab Cutie

Here are four beautiful but less known songs that I have been listening to during the weekend.  These are under-praised tracks that are magnetizing to the ear as well as penetrating to the core of the heart.  Makes me wonder how come these swoon-worthy tunes never made it to be mega hits!

These are the types of music that you would listen to if you wish to laze around.  It is best to listen to while lying in bed and staring at the ceiling thinking of nothing.  The very thing that I have done the whole day of Sunday.

Maybe the reason why these tracks failed to make it big is because these are heartwarming songs that people would rather keep for themselves and would not want others to hear about.  The beat, the sound, the message and the emotion it evokes are so deep-seated you would rather not share it.

Super proud and in love with my first SoundCloud playlist!

Endyoy! Sarap sa tenga, ‘di bah?


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