Las Vegas Highlights: Part 2 (Casinos and The Strip)

With a rented car, I and my friends drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  Before we hit the big and lively sin city, we were welcomed by some pretty rainbow gifted to us by the large, dry, barren portion of Mojave Desert.  It was a sign that something good is ahead of us.

a beautiful treat by the mojave desert

a beautiful treat by the mojave desert

While we were in Las Vegas, it is inevitable that I and my friends got to do a little casino sports.  Though I did not hit the jackpot, what I particularly like about the casinos in Vegas are the free cocktail drinks that you can request from the dog-tired looking waitresses that goes around the casino grounds.  It was raining margaritas when we were gaming!

But what I like most about Las Vegas are the cornucopia of architectural landmarks of the Strip.  For me traversing the Las Vegas Strip is just but incredibly fantastic.  It felt like the Strip was breathing and has a life of its own.

the bellagio

the bellagio

the "jaw-dropping" strip at night

the “jaw-dropping” strip at night

my personal favorite

my personal favorite

one of karen and joesel's photo taking exploits at the strip

one of karen and joesel’s photo taking exploits at the strip

the mirage

the mirage

I would not want to go into other details of what I personally experienced in this sin city.  I would like to join the bandwagon of people who profess that “what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas”.  One thing is for sure this unaccounted event is comparable to hitting the Pai Gow Poker jackpot!

the caesar's palace facade

the caesar’s palace facade

My tour and visit to Las Vegas was indeed a blessing beyond compare.

Babalik, babalik!

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