Las Vegas Highlights: Part 1 (Le Reve/The Dream)

the dream and the nightmare... LOL!

the dream poster and the nightmare… LOL!

Never in my wildest desire or fantasy that I would be spending a holiday in Las Vegas.  Maybe it’s because I dream small and simple.  And besides I no longer dream for humongous miracles because at this point in my life I learn to make my own.  That is why when awesome blessings come along like my tremendous trip to Vegas, I am just but thankful and overwhelmed.

What is so ironic is that the theme of the magical theatre experience me and my friends had was about “dreams”.  It is entitled Le Reve (English translation: The Dream) shown at the fabulous Wynn Hotel & Casino.  The spectacular show that mixed the elements of water, air and fire as well as intermingled elements of strength and beauty was indeed a feast for the senses. Performers literally were swimming on air and dancing on water.


a feast for the senses…

I was blown away from the moment we walked into the round theatre.  Yeah, the stage is in the middle – ala coliseum – that is why there is no bad seat in the house.

Bizarre air-suspension stunts, crazy high-dives and water ballet, incredible contortionists and acrobatics, fanciful synchronized swimming, a tenderly romantic yet passionate story… all wrapped into a dreamy set.  I was lost in thought because it felt like I was in an actual dream!  I was totally mesmerized!




hair-raising stunts!

As much as I would not want to correlate the show’s theme and title to that of my travel in Las Vegas, I guess it is inevitable.   This show for me does not signify a dream being fulfilled but instead an immense sign and symbol that a lovely dreamy-like life is ahead.


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