Musings From Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Prophecy

“Congratulations” and “Good For You” are two of my main reactions for Filipinos who migrated and has rather settled to live their colorful lives out of the Philippines.  These are my knee jerk reactions for Filipino migrants when I saw the viral video about a popular Indian prophet who prophesized that Philippines is due to suffer further from wrath and fury out of the hopping madness by God.

sadhu sundar selvaraj

sadhu sundar selvaraj

According to Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, the Philippines – if it will not return its correct faith in God – will further suffer (after the floods in mainland Mindanao, islands of Samar and Leyte as well as the deadly earthquake that jolted Cebu and Bohol) through the spread of deadly diseases that will originate one from Pangasinan and the other from Cebu.  He relayed that these diseases will spread all over the world, other nations will abhor the Philippines.

Those who moved out of the country, I suppose are truly blessed for they will be spared from God’s upcoming deadly and disastrous rage and fury towards the Philippines.  While I and the rest of those who settled to dwell or those who does not have the choice but to stay will have to focus praying reminiscent of extracting blood from stones so that my beloved country will be bailed out from such heavenly fury and divine ferocity.

Living for more than 40 years in the Philippines and dealing daily with the Pinoy life, I can just but agree with God that my nation is no longer the innocent, harmless and naïve populace.  Except for a few who categorically chose to live a clean, honorable and honest lives the culture of Pinoys has gone deceitful, cunning, fraudulent and faithless.

Simple daily activities like riding a bus, walking along a narrow street, dining in a food chain, texting in public or simply standing in a corner of a free open space, you would encounter heinous and dreadful circumstances beyond a non-Filipino’s imagination wickedly carried out by a co-Filipino.

Simple case in point…  If you drop, left or put something in a public place even for a couple of minutes may it be of value or not, you will not be surprised that when you search it back, it would simply be gone.  It’s automatic that somebody for sure has taken it!!!  People would say that they did not stole it but instead rationalize that they found it and was God’s answer to their pious prayers.  It’s not stealing but a “hulog ng langit” (blessing of heaven)!  Regrettably, Filipinos has developed a psyche of distorted excuse and raison d’être.

Also, we have developed the life’s standards that it’s better to be the deceiver than the deceived (the receiver than the giver or the help-ee than the helper).  If you fell into the former category, you are considered clever and wise.  But if you’re the latter, you’re simply labeled as “tanga” (dull, dim and stupid).

This twisted cultural belief and distorted sanctimonious rationalization which Filipinos has developed as part of its unexplainable norm can truly make the Most Powerful feel “bwisit” (pissed off) towards us.  It seems that this can only be erased through some bad-ass mystical cleansing, thus, the ferocious wrath by The Almighty.

A lot believes that prayers, prayers and lots of prayers are the answer to prevent God’s fury from coming.  I guess prayers are good but what we need most is the inner change.  I just wish this in the coming days… in the coming days…

Bwisit na si Lord… pramis…

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