Unworthy YT Music Awards

ytmusicawards2013It has been quite disappointing to know that the line-up of nominees in this year’s YouTube Music Awards (YTMA) Artist Of The Year were nothing but a product of strong marketing campaign.

The award says “artist” but the line-up of nominees seem out of place.  Yeah, they had the greatest number of views and likes in their respective videos but that does not mean they are the greatest artist this year.  I would be more convinced if any one of these nominees were lined up in the category of YTMA Popular Celebrity of the Year.

For me, YouTube’s coming up with bunch of awards to give out has been a total mess.  It’s nothing but a cringe-worthy crusade.  YouTube is YouTube.  It’s a totally huge, massive and colossal virtual world of videos representing every walks of human life.  With the enormous amount of artistic videos uploaded daily around the planet, you can’t just select and trim down in just ten so-called worthy celebrities who are products of western pop marketing campaigns.

One pop group or a celebrity cannot in any way represent the great impetus of YouTube.   YouTube coming up with these nasty awards is only making itself cheap and annoying.  YouTube should realize the social impact that they’ve done and continuously doing and not just a mere portal of pop music and their celebrities.

Yuchub! Ang labo mo…

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