Casssaaavvvaaa Caaakkkeee

Tasting for the first time the best cassava cake in the universe was so out of place.  It is so odd and strange that I was able to experience such an enormous gastronomic pleasure while in a wake.

This was roughly about a month ago when I and my workmates paid a visit and express our condolences to a co-employee whose dad passed away.  The wake was in the provincial town of Magalang in Pampanga.  While in the wake, we were served with knickknacks and refreshments including boxes of freshly baked cassava cakes.

When I go to a wake, I would traditionally just nibble on salty chips and snacks (like the all-time favorite burol-snack: Butong Pakwan) which is usually served in a Filipino memorial service.  I rarely eat and munch on main meals while in a wake.  But when we were served with the mouth-watering and sinful looking cassava cake, I broke my own personal tradition.  I simply helped myself to a bite of rich taste of perfection.

That cassava cake had the seamless velvety texture mixed with the perfect harmony of flavors.  Good thing I was able to control myself because I wanted to clap my hands, celebrate the happy moment and jump for joy due to the enormous palatal experience I just had.

ralo's cassava cake.  fattening? yes... but such a small price to pay for pleasure
ralo’s cassava cake. fattening? yes… but such a small price to pay for pleasure

Yesterday, I had the chance to go again in Magalang, Pampanga for an official business.  I thought I have forgotten the great gastronomic experience but I was dead wrong.   The search for the same experience I had was on!  It is no longer the mere experience of great texture and flavor but more of a lingering voice engraved on my mind.

Like some curious addiction, I texted my co-employee and inquired where in Magalang did they bought the cassava cake his family served during his father’s wake.  He messaged back telling me the spot somewhere in Angeles, Pampanga.  And, after doing some office-required stuff in Magalang, I asked the driver to bring me to Ralo’s where these rich cakes can be purchased.

we were laughing when we tried reading "Sooobbbrrraaanngg Saaaaaarrrrrrapppp" on their sign board.
we were laughing when we tried reading “Sssooobbbrrraanngg Sssaaaarrrrapppp” on their sign board.

I bought two large boxes!  I was so happy I even bought and treated the driver and my co-workers with their own box of this cassava cake.

Warning though for those who bumped onto this post and gets curious about this cake, be careful.  Because once you’re hooked all of your senses and even your soul will never be able to forget its rich taste of perfection.  Kasi nga… Soooobrang Sarrrraaaap!!!

Uulitin kooo… sooobbbrrraaang sarrraaappp!!!

4 thoughts on “Casssaaavvvaaa Caaakkkeee

      • Thanks! I also called one of their stores to ask since I havent read this reply yet. The person I spoke with (maybe a manager or one of the owners) was surprised that I got his number from a blog giving compliments & praises on their product so he hurriedly asked for the link of the blog. 😁
        Anyway, the taste of this cassava cake is priceless. I’ve been bragging about this with my kababayan in Bicol and I can’t wait to buy again when we go back to Laguna.


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