Hey Japan, I’m A Fan

It’s official.  I’m a fan of Japan!

The anime-ish hairstyles; the remarkable efficiency; the tranquility of the intricate subway trains; the quietness of train stations despite presence of swarms of people; the matchless technology yet preserved rich culture and heritage; and the unrivaled fashion.

a calm train station in Osaka

covered street in Namba

Kinkakuji, the temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

The cute Japanese school uniforms; the efficient weather bureau; the smart looking young office workers dodging on thick manga books; the melodic language; the fine art of Kanji;  the people’s civility, honesty and good manners; and the remarkable cleanliness and ecologically aware streets.

one of the colorful stores in dotonbori

an afternoon walk at dotonbori (nengkoy in white pants)

Don Quixote - a famous landmark in Osaka

wet market in osaka

The wet-less wet market; the people’s courteousness in using the escalator; the ladies’ fake eyelashes, wigs and fingernails; the composure of geishas; the blushed cheeks of cute little children; the aesthetic splendor and freshness of dishes; the serene temples; the wide roads with long tunnels penetrating the mountains; the wonderful cherry blossoms; and the Nissin Chicken Ramen TV commercial I posted below which caught my full attention while I was lazing at the hotel in Osaka.

geishas in kyoto

Todaiji (the Great Eastern Temple) in Nara

my nephew Den Den with cherry blossoms and Osaka Castle in the background (i love this shot!)

 No doubt Japan is all very Zen.  I am so impressed with Japan I sometimes wish I were Japanese.  I could die happy even if I died because of a tsunami as long as in my next life I will be a “delicious” Japanese.  But I guess the Japanese themselves wish they were something else.

Hay nako walang duda… Da gras is griner in Japan.    

2 thoughts on “Hey Japan, I’m A Fan

    • hook line and sinker… Ya chang! I recommend you go there to experience it for yourself. for sure you’ll love it… 🙂


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