Eating Art

May it be pieces of priceless art found in the famous museums, unique chunks of architecture or praiseworthy monuments my usual tour out of the country always includes finding good or amazing pieces of art of the place I visit.

But in Japan, pieces of admirable art can be found right on the dining table.  Japanese people I suppose have the liking and inclination of utilizing first their sense of sight when dining prior to using their senses of smell and taste when consuming a meal.  I know that culinary craftsmanship is a creation meant to communicate and appeal to the taste buds but chefs here in Japan seem to put so much effort in details of food arrangements in their repertoire. Aside from being so yummy, I adore the aesthetically beautiful food presentation!!!

Walking through the streets of Osaka, I found various food presentations that are not only a banquet for someone’s palate but a feast for the eyes as well.  There are moments when I would not want to take a bite of the food I ordered but instead wish to preserve it and have it donated to a local museum for others to see and appreciate.  Dining in Japan is just like eating pieces of art.

classic japanese food


egg soup with shrimp & mushroom


green tea cake

this Mister Donut sign board is so cute I want it printed on my shirt

i love their window displays... truly mouthwatering...

the japanese versions of "espasol" with various fillings


Busog pati mata mo!

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