Snippets about a Diamond Girl’s Professional Life

When I was still new to my chosen profession, I am often asked by my Tatay Joe and Nengkoy (my insanely beloved parents) on what are the usual questions I ask a job applicant.  They would often ask if I’m a strict or a lenient interviewer.  With full enthusiasm, I would of course answer to a slant that they would be so proud of me.

But my answers never seem to amaze Nengkoy.  She told me that I am just giving a hard time for another person to land a good job.  When I asked her why, she told me that when she applied for a job more than fifty years ago in PEMCO she was never asked a single question.  The Catholic priest who was supposed to be the interviewer simply instructed her to loudly pray the Hail Mary and the Our Father.  And when she did, she was automatically offered the job.

PEMCO, the leading manufacturing company of incandescent and fluorescent lights decades ago, is the only organization that Nengkoy worked with because she did not resigned to transfer to another company and instead rendered more than forty years of loyal service to that organization.  This makes Nengkoy never to have been subjected to any professional job interview yet worked for a company for more than half of her life.

That’s how rare the snippets in Nengkoy’s professional life who is by the way celebrating her 75th birthday today.  Happy Birthday to the Diamond Girl…

happy birthday nanay...

Hapi Bertday Nengkoy!

1 thought on “Snippets about a Diamond Girl’s Professional Life

  1. Learn from Nengkoy… but limit recitation to Hail Mary. Knowing you, you might still require applicant recite the three mysteries of the holy rosary. …(b’yaan mo s’ya!)


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