Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

It was the cover that made me buy the book.  The cover design was so good that I decided to read on.  I don’t know what made me decide to continue reading until the end.  It may be because I have deprived myself for a long time on book-reading or may be because Hush Hush written by Becca Fitzpatrick was truly an action packed and fast-paced novel.  Or maybe it’s both.

I finished the book only for a day because I enjoyed the fact that the author gave me enough information to know what was going on and I never felt swamped with details which at times makes a novel a bit boring.  It’s a skill I admire about the author.  The pacing of the story was at a rapid motion yet it’s well-controlled.

I found the story to be creative and fluent but there are times that loopholes would crop up every now and then.  There were hilarious moments and impressive scenes yet there was a lack of yearning desire and chemistry between the main character (Nora) and the fallen angel (Patch) that would convince a reader that they were meant to be.  Overall, the book was okay.  It was a fun read but it is unlike the type that would take over my life in a few days after reading it.

Neks buk plis.

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