Pinoys Moving Gaga

It is so amazing to know that the most powerful woman in the world can easily be moved by the Filipinos.  Lady Gaga in 2009 during one of her first arena solo concert (in 2009 she would go on tour to sing and dance as an opening act for somebody more popular to follow).  Obviously, she was moved with the warm reception she received and even announced during the concert that she grew up in New York with a best friend from the Philippines.

Early this year, as everybody knows, YouTube sensation Maria Aragon (a Canadian with Filipino descent) impressed Lady Gaga with her rendition of Born This Way.  Aragon even had the chance to perform in Gaga’s concert in Canada.

Just this week, another Filipino moved Lady Gaga to tears with his contemporary dance rendition of a Sonya Tayeh choreography in the TV show So You Think You Can Dance.  Marko Germar, the Filipino contender based in Guam is the guy responsible for making Lady Gaga gone gaga.

I won’t post the goose-bump-popping rendition here (you can check it out on You Tube) but instead place my personal favorite dance routine of this amazing Pinoy with his partner Melanie Moore.  Marko and Melanie have done fabulous and chilling numbers in the show week after week, but this is my favorite!

I hope this deserving guy wins the contest.  I’m a fan!

Nagagaga ang gaga sa atin!

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