Thanks for the Greetings…

This is to thank the people who greeted me happy birthday.  Rest assured that I will remain yummy and delicious in the coming years.  Your greetings has truly added warmth and smile in my overwhelming fountain of gladness.  Thanks to (in no particular order)…

Gie Abainza; Robert Megino; Beth Teodoro; Monchito Roco; Melo Balingit; Karen Teotico; Kuki Catindig; Chef Onil Pitogo; Red Juacalla; Kuya Wreigh Langit; Christian Concepcion; Ate Gaying Clamor; Erika Langit; Migs, Gabs and Neneng Langit; Denden Langit; Frankie De Vera; Baby Angeles; Leo Balasanos; Eugene Billones; Nette Capiral; Sheridan Sia; Joy Reyes-Dela Cruz; Marlon Tobias; Jerry Avena; Marc Vincent “Jessie” Aurelian; Karen Batangan-Elumba; Vernon Bernarte; Ma. Grace Linsangan- Villadolid; Armin David; Jade Dinglasan, Jerome Rivera; Suzette Cuerpo; Thatcher Nagamatsu Langit; Jocelyn Romasanta; Chanky Tiangco; Pao Anas; Michelle Martinez; Bitoy Dionzon; Anna Victoria; Sharon Antoinette Ignacio; Rose David-Cosico; Avic Langit; Charles Chan; Merle Dela Pena; Mlou Domingo; Joesel Javier; Kate Langit; Denton Torio; Carlo Concepcion; Vanessa Tirazona-Munsayac; Marie Dela Victoria; Tet Aguila Rustria; Abe Trinoma staff and officers; Lito Lacerna.

Tenk yu…

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