Environmentally Inclined Morning

This morning I went inside a convenience store and bought a large bottle of drinking water, a tube of cool mint candy, a single pouch of green tea and a pack of yosi.  After paying the cashier, I refused to have my items be placed inside a small plastic bag which would later be dumped in a trash bin that will consequently add up to the immense plastic garbage of the planet.  This thought may not be a big deal but for me this is a small yet positive contribution in saving Mother Earth.

Congruent to this incomplex environmental thought is the song that I have been singing and humming the whole morning today.  It is the song entitled Big Yellow Taxi sang by Joni Mitchell and popularized by Counting Crows a couple of years ago.  This amazing song is as old as I am and yet this piece of music has environmental message that is definitely applicable in today’s time.  It’s raw, sublime, timeless and exceptionally cool.

Watch and listen…

Or you want to watch and listen to the version of Counting Crows…

I lav mader ert kaninang umaga…

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