Kyoo Tyrant

lineOne Filipino way of life that I can never allow is the dwelling of inconsiderate souls who possessed a self-imposed illusion of self-entitledment in places where a long queue is existing.  These are the inferior folks who prefer to cut into the line may it be at an ATM, a supermarket, a convenience store or a ticket booth to buy a movie pass or metro train ticket.

In no way would I accept any considerable amount of animated excuse from these individuals.  I do not allow those who would explain that they are in a hurry or their transaction would be quick or they simply pretend not to see the long obvious line.

If I fall in a long queue I would usually grow body hair of impatience and my big bulging eyes would usually flash a discernible sign declaring “Do not cut in on pain of death: Pumila Ka!”  Otherwise, an absolute flash of verbal abuse is what they get for them to back off.  These verbal abuses would usually be accompanied with a nose bleeding expatriate-like accent.

If the moron who cut into the line would pretend not to hear the bolts of thunder coming out of my mouth, I never hesitate on calling the establishment’s officer or manager to report the matter.  I make sure that other mortals standing in queue would hear my report as if I am making a silly scene.  This would usually result into shame and embarrassment for the dimwit line cutter.  From an expatriate-like accent I would shift my inflection into a clear Pinoy tone and would utter “Bobo ka ba? Pumila ka!” (Are you stupid? Fall in line!) while the humuliated soul place himself at the end of the line.

Hwag kang madugas.  Pumila ka!

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