Brain Fart

Ever since I have been writing this blog my friends, relatives and even some anonymous people who accidentally came acroos my blog have been telling me comments and messages that they have been enjoying and were looking forward to reading what I would write about next.  On my part, I have been very flattered about the positive responses that I have been receiving.  For those who hate it, sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t have the intent yet of stopping this ridiculous writing.

Usually, my brain would just pop up an idea that I would write about (anything under the silly wicked sun).  But it has not been functioning lately.  Maybe it is because of too much fatty food I consumed during the holidays.  For the past few days I must admit that I have been experiencing a huge brain fart that I would not know what to write about to make this blog more interesting.

Sori pero medyo malakas ang utot ng utak ko ngayon…

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