It’s new year and every body is anxious on what lies ahead.  People are actually seeking aid from feng shui experts, fortune tellers, astrologers, mystics and clairvoyants.  For the business minded, their time has been dissipated contemplating on what business to put up in the year of the Ox.  Here’s a suggestion.  Why not put up a business of buy-&-sell?

What to buy and what to sell?  Answer: those gifts, presents and souvenirs given but left behind by exes.  Obviously, these items no longer have any significance, meaning or worth for it is only a reminder of an awful relationship that never worked.  For sure disheartened owners would sell it at a very low price just to get rid of it.

Where to buy these items?  Answers: (1) You can go to various law offices that specialize on marriage annulments.  Evidently, their clients had a terrible married life that they would want to get rid of any souvenir in their possession at any given price.  (2) You can go to psychologists and/or marriage counselors.  Like the law offices, their clients would want to trash out bad memories both non-tangible and tangible ones.  (3) You can go to various coffee shops and restaurants and wait for unfaithful couples fighting in public.  Sometimes you can get the item for free.  Just wait for the fuming lady to throw her ring or bracelet or necklace towards her lover before running away leaving the scene.  Obviously, the guy would not have the time to pick up the cherished trinket for he will straight away run after his lady to explain.  Just wait and discreetly pick the precious jewelry.  (4)  You can go to different bridges in the metro.  If you are lucky, you could bump into a suicidal person who has plans of jumping over the bridge because he or she has been dumped by his or her partner.  Just make sure to do the necessary and immediate negotiation of buying the gifts they received before letting them jump over the bridge.  Otherwise, you would have to jump along with the freaky broken hearted folks to chase the precious gifts they received from their exes.

How to sell?  Answers: (1) You can negotiate with various antique shops in Malate to sell your products on a concession basis.  Antique shops for sure would love to hear the interesting stories behind these items.  (2) You can join expos and various bazaars where you can sell these items.  For a more catchy name you can call your booth the Biak Na Pag-asa booth.  (3) You can create a website where you can feature your products.  Interested buyers can either purchase or bid for an auction you bought obviously at a higher price when you procured them but of a lesser price if purchased in different boutiques, jewelry shops or department stores.  You can name the website as www.sawi.com.ph.  For an added feature, make sure to have a free delivery service.

Gud lak sa bago mong bisnes.  Kikita ka, chak ‘yon!

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