Money Chant…

Normally, when I want to memorize the lines of a good song, I would usually print out a copy of the lyrics in a small piece of paper and would stick it at the side of my computer monitor in the office.  This is for me to refer to the printed copy everytime I would forget a word or a line while trying to sing it loud while working.  When I already memorized it and a new good song comes along, I would type, print and attach a copy of the new song and replace the old one.

However, after reading a book entitled “The Secret” written by Rhonda Byrne I no longer stick a printed copy of songs on my computer monitor.  Instead, I took some lines from the book, incorporated it, print it in a small piece of paper and affix it on the side of my monitor.  This is now my personal incantation which I would review and utter every time I got the time to do so.

The book reveals the “law of attraction” and teaches about positive thinking.  It somewhat affirms the power of the spoken words.  It asserts that whatever you think will be attracted towards you and the universe (in its own weird means) will find a way for it to transpire and come true.

Here is what I actually picked out from the book and integrated together to come out with my Money Chant…

“I am the master of my thoughts

I am receiving now

I am receiving all the good in my life now

I am receiving a good prosperous life now


Life is so easy

Life is so good

All good things come to me


I can afford all the things that I want

Money comes easily and frequently

More money for me!


I have more than enough

There is an abundance of money

Money is on its way to me


I am a money magnet

I love money and money loves me

I am receiving money everyday


I feel wonderful.  I feel so good

I treat myself with love and respect

I am beautiful inside and out

People love me”

Salamat kay kumareng Rhonda, mayaman at yayaman pa ko!

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