The Loss of Pasay, the Gain of Manila

Pasay City has just loss its most delicious resident.  I am no longer a resident of splendid Pasay.  Last September 14, I officially moved to the bravura City of Manila, one of the zaniest cities of the country.

I know that I will not miss much in Pasay since the City of Manila possesses the same character that Pasay has.  I wish to enjoy my stay in Manila for it basically has the same polluted air, crime rate and it’s as dirty as Pasay.  The streets are also filled and surrounded by wicked thieves, hold-uppers, drug infused mendicants and psychotic taong-grasa.  Population explosion is so current in my new city for I can see bunch of asim-smelling street kids unminded by their idiotic parents.  Similar to Pasay, walking the street of Manila is like an obstacle course due to the presence of stinky poop left behind by flea-infested anorexic-looking street dogs.

At least now, the City of Manila can brag that it has the most delicious soul to step on the face of earth… Me.

Parang walang nabago… ganon pa rin… Tsing!

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