Wer U Na, Manang Bola?

I always wonder what it would be like in the future.  Would I be richer, more delicious with young looking skin, more fun to be with, possess all things I want to have, meet all the people I want to chance upon and visit all the places I want to see?  I officially miss Manang Bola the luquacious forgetful fortune teller of Batibot (the Pinoy counterpart of Sesame Street).

Now that I am older, I have enough resources to go to her, talk to her and would inquire on how life will be in the future.  But she is nowhere to be found.  We would have to refer to her notorious Perlas Na Bilog about my exciting future.  Now that Manang Bola is nowhere to be found, I wonder if she discerned through her crystal ball that one day she will be out of the limelight.

Perlas na bilog hwag tutulog-tulog, sabihin sa akin ang sagot. Ba be bi bo bu…

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