Phils vs. Phelps

General Info:

  • Phils – a democratic country
  • Phelps – a swimmer


  • Phils – 94,000,000+
  • Phelps – 1

No. of times participated in the Olympics:

  • Phils – 19 Olympics (since 1924)
  • Phelps – 3 Olympics (since 2000)

No. of athletes sent to Olympics since first participated:

  • Phils – 465 athletes in various sports discipline
  • Phelps – 1 (swimming)

No. of Olympics gold medals:

  • Phils – zero (bokya, itlog, butata)
  • Phelps – 14 (tumataginting)

One elusive gold medal will make our country with 94 million mortals to feel very proud and happy yet Michael Phelps a solo human being actually earned 14 outstanding gold medals.  Ewww! What an irony!


That’s nasty! Tinalo tayo ni Phelps ng bonggang-bongga!

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