Summer Hallucinations

Summer in the Philippines has always been excruciatingly hot!  It’s so hot that the strands of my hair and my fingernails would even grow sweat glands because my skin is not enough where sweat would secrete.

Init It’s blistering hot causing me to hallucinate.  Like after drinking radio-active margarita causing my brain cells to mutate, I would think under a scorching heat of the summer sun that there’s frostbite in Metro Manila people are turning into icicles.  To alleviate myself from the hot blistering summer, I would imagine that I’m suffering from hypothermia and aggravation of bronchial difficulties due to extreme cold weather condition.  I’m thinking that it’s so cold I need to have a fire place and a heater system installed inside my unit.  Before going to sleep I need to put on earmuffs, winter mittens, thermal underwear, a scarf and a snow suit.

If plans will push through, I will bring a ski when me and my friends will head to Puerto Galera next weekend.

Makapag yosi na nga!  Masyado ng maginaw ang naiisip ko!

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