Chinese Louis Vuitton

March 18, 2009, at Kingsford Smith International Airport check-in counter…

Lady at the Counter:  “Hi! Good Morning!”

Neil:  “Hello!” (while I put my big heavy luggage on the conveyor to measure how much it weighs)

Lady at the Counter:  “It’s over the limit.  I’m sorry but you have to reduce the load by at least 3 kilos.”

Neil:  “Okay, for a moment…”

Chineselv_1 This was the circumstance when I took my luggage out from the conveyor, lay it on the floor and swiftly opened it.  Right in the middle of the airport my suitcase vomited all its content in public.  Worried with big sweats secreting out of my forehead, I hurriedly pulled out a reserved ever-reliable Chinese Louis Vuitton and a number of shirts from the luggage.  I put all shirts that I could scoop-out into the plastic woven bag, thanking myself that I brought along a life-saving Chinese Louis Vuitton bag.  I closed and locked my luggage and placed it again on the conveyor.

Seeing the weight indicator flashing 24 kilos…

Lady at the Counter:  “Oh! That’s perfect!”

Neil: “Yeah!”

Lady at the Counter: “That folding bag has always been very reliable.” (while pointing at the Chinese Louis Vuitton whose straps are now on my shoulder being my additional hand-carry luggage)

Neil:  “You bet it has always been…” (while I reached for my passport and boarding pass as she hands those over to me)

Lady at the Counter:  “Have a nice flight.”

Neil: “Thanks!”

With full confidence possessed with rare fashion sense, I went further inside the airport looking for gate #24.

Ang bayong, bow!

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