Sibuyas in the Midst

Aside from my impeccably yummy body and those regular microorganisms who decided to stay full time in my unit (like those shrewd bedbugs lurking on my sofa and those relentless mildew inside my comfort room), only now that I noticed that another living thing has been growing in my house.

09292007It’s the old sibuyas (onion) inside my kitchen.  Yeah, that’s how long onions and other persishables stay inside my kitchen.  It is soooo unused that it decided to continue on with its own life.

Upon finding it, I deeply reflected on what to do with it: donate to the Bureau of Plants; stuck it deep in a pot full of soil to enjoy life further inside my house; or, chop it and be part of the ingredients in the pasta sauce I was about to prepare.  I decided to go on option number 3.


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