Elusive Linguistic Unit

Call it memory loss, a senile moment, a tip-of-the-tongue case, a reduction of brain’s gray matter, forgetfulness or simply stupidity, but this morning I had difficulty trying to recall a word that would be appropriate for a statement in a memo that I was writing.

After my meeting in the morning, I rushed to my office to prepare a memo.  I wrote it but the word I want to use for a certain statement was left blank.  I squeezed my brain, took a deep breath, stare at the ceiling, stretched my arms, popped my knuckles, bit my fingernails but still the specific single unit of language I wanted to use failed to enter my head.  I try to fill the blank with other words synonymous to it but I was not satisfied.

Lunch time arrived, the memo was left unfinished due to this elusive word.  Some nutritionists believe that  glucose from carbohydrates fuels the brain that is why those geeks on South Beach Diet would always feel stupendously brain-dead.   Due to this, I  decided to have a hearty meal with lots of carbohydrates hoping that the carbo nutrients would digest soonest and goes immediately to my prosencephalon.

After lunch I head back to my office, talk to couple of employees, did my calls for the day, interview number of applicants, wrote other memos, do other significant office stuffs but still the baffling word fail to pop out from my forehead down to my medulla oblongata making the memo left unfinished.

I could have utilized another word but I just don’t want to give up.  Until suddenly and out of nowhere, like a light-bulb moment, it just popped out of my wits.  The word is EXPEDITE.

Wow ang babaw!

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