Fresh Brief Experience

I wanna be your hot tub when you’re dippin’;
I wanna be your bathrobe when you’re drippin’;
I wanna be your cocktail baby when you’re sippin’;
I just wanna be right there more than anything;

I swear I wanna be your UNDERWEAR!

                                                Bryan Adams (from the song ‘Underwear’)

For me, it is the most important piece of article…  It is the first thing that you put on and the last thing you take off!

Underwear has gone a long way from simply the ‘necessary undergarment’ to a brazen fashion statement.  I credit Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret for spearheading the unveiling of this culture by having their delicious models strut the runway or featuring them in giant billboards clad only in their CK or VS undergarments.

UnderwearGone are the days when people would ridicule a soul whose underwear is showing (Aaaay! Kita Panty!).  Today, showing off the waistband of your branded brief or an evident thong underneath a body hugging slacks is actually considered a gesture of style and freedom.  Walking inside the mall carrying a paper bag from a lingerie or underwear boutique is now voguish and tasteful.

Brief_1 Due to this revolution, infinite number of colors and styles of underwear has come out – classic cut, bikini cut, French cut, boxers, boxer brief, hip brief, thong, etc. There are even underwears with iPod pockets!  Also, various fabrics have been utilized – pure cotton, silk, satin, velvet and even leather.  I wonder when the Pinoys will start using our indigenous fabrics like piña, sinamay, abaca and jusi!

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