Shut Up! That’s How Nengkoy Loves Me!

nengkoy & me at rustic morningsMy mother loves me.  Case in point is what just has happened.

I was too lazy to answer my phone.  But after ringing like a million times, I knew that it’s my mother who’s calling.  She’s the only one whom I know who has the patience and tolerance to wait that much amount of time of allowing numerous ringing of a telephone before finally giving up.  But this time, I was starting to feel a headache out from the unstoppable ringing, I did not have the choice but to answer it.

And when I answer “hello”, Nengkoy’s first utterance over the phone was a question of what time will I be going to her house.  I did not answer her question but instead greeted her warmly by saying “Happy Mother’s Day!”  She answered back by saying an annoyed and sarcastic “Tse!” (English translation: Shut Up!)

She started telling me stories over the phone, who were already in her house at that moment and what food she has prepared.  We concluded our conversation by assuring her that I will be in her house later in the afternoon.   That’s how Nengkoy loves me!

Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!

Hapi Mader’s Dey sa lahat lahat!

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