Inside Out Made Me Never Too Old For Cartoons

20150823_193931_resizedIf my memory serves me right the last animated movie that moved me was Pixar’s Toy Story.  It has been a decade ago and I started wondering whether at my present age I would still be affected by animation.

I thought that with the complex experiences and encounters in life, I am already a hard-boiled, cold and frigid person when it comes to cartoons.  Being a full grown adult, I thought that I was too old for it.

But the latest Pixar offering entitled Inside Out changed all that.  Inside Out is clever, sharp and adorable.  It is a well-thought concept with genius storyline.  It provides glimpses of the complexities of the human psyche – train of thought, sub-consciousness, imagination, long-term memory, consciousness, emotions and core memory.  It features the intricacies that scurry through inside a person’s mind, from abstract thinking to poignant feelings to even loss of memory presented into an amusing and entertaining way.

Aside from having adorable characters, what I particularly liked about this movie is the bumpy yet common development of the main character’s personality as she ages.  That as people mature and develops, a distinct memory or experience is not only colored/covered by a single emotion (either: joy, sadness, disgust, anger or fear), it is the complex inimitable mixture of all these emotions that makes up a person’s unique personality.

"long term memory"; how i wish my psychology classes then were as colorful as this one

“long term memory”; how i wish my psychology classes then were as colorful as this one

I agree with Joe Morgenstern of Wall Street Journal on what he said about Inside Out, “The level of invention is so high and the density of detail is so great, that it is impossible to absorb everything in a single viewing.”  With this thought, I know for sure that I will again be seeing this animation movie in the future may I be too old or not for cartoons.

Si Nengkoy nga na kasama kong nanuod nag enjoy, ako pa!

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