A Refreshing Anti-Love Song

michael bubleMichael Buble is so mainstream.  He is not your ideal fresh indie-singer or indie-band whose songs have ironically been listened to by everyone but only sold in a couple of thousands.  He is so popular, everybody loves him and he sells millions that is why he is not considered an underdog.

But having said this, you would realize that Buble being “too” mainstream in his profession could actually be categorized as the underdog.  He is an underdog because his being too mainstream means he will never be categorized as critically acclaimed. He is too mainstream he will never receive the greatest review of a prominent music critic on any of his present and future works.

And since I am not a prominent music critic, let me bestow a little accolade for the most recent work and music of Michael Buble.  His new single Its A Beautiful Day is probably one of the best anti-love song ever composed.  It’s upbeat, positive, sunny and refreshing.  Though it is a gladsome song it nevertheless did not fail to bring a message of kick-ass spunk and the naughtiness of its-your-loss-not-mine attitude.

This song can also make you realize that the messed-up and awful relationship that you may be in now which you never actually aspired for is something that can be treated as your today’s curse which can be tomorrow’s blessing.  I therefore declare that this song is my official anti-love song.

Ang kanta ng masayang sawi.

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