I like Nicki, I like Jessica

nicki aiI have yet to watch one full episode of the latest season of American Idol (season 13).  I have seen a few clips of interesting performances as well as this year’s judges’ comments, praises and criticisms on YouTube.  Yet with the limited number of clips I have seen, the most superb judge this year for me is Nicki Minaj.

I like Nicki Minaj.  She is honest.  She is not afraid to say what other else’ are thinking.  With the few and limited videos I have seen, I am surprised to agree with Nicki in every word that comes out of her mouth.  I never thought that she knows what she was talking about.  It’s pretty crazy!

Since I have not been watching this year’s version of American Idol, I only learned through the latest on-line news that the true winner and story spinner of last year’s American Idol was back.  Jessica Sanchez was back to perform her latest single.  Watch this…

Too bad, Nicki was not yet a judge when Jessica placed runner-up.  I wonder what Nicki has to say about this performance… Oh and by the way, I also like Neyo!


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