Weiner in Melaka

Early this year when I was at Osaka in Japan, I found pussy in Namba Parks  (press this LINK if you wish to read this hilarious post).  Last week during a long weekend in Malaysia, I found a weiner in Melaka.

Titi is a Tagalog word when translated in English would mean a man’s love-stick, prick, or pecker.  For a nicer and more appropriate label it is the male genitalia.

While passing through one narrow street inside Chinatown in Melaka, I and my colleagues noticed the signage of Titi Art Gallery.  Without hesitation we mindlessly took a photo of it.  It was for us hilarious and was actually laughing out loud wondering what interesting pieces of art could be inside.

Initially, I thought the gallery would feature the “helmeted yogurt slinger” in various artistic media.  But of course I am wrong because the gallery sells gorgeous drawings and paintings.  The reputed art works were even hailed and endorsed by UNESCO as indicated in one of its posters.

The gallery’s owner was the one who welcomed us and instinctively guessed that we were Filipinos simply because of our laughter.  He said that he knew we were Filipinos because his gallery receives the same reception and reaction from Filipino tourists in Melaka from the past.  He was nevertheless gentle and accommodating enough to explain that “titi” in Chinese means little or younger brother and when translated in Malay language would mean a small bridge.

The paintings and drawings were actually stunning but it was a bit pricey for our budget so we simply say thanks and bid goodbye to the gallery’s owner.

But since my brain’s dendrites were functioning very well after a cup of coffee from a nearby shop, I realized that the Chinese and Malay translation for titi is basically close to that of Tagalog.  Why?  It is because a lot of androcentric jocks consider their pecker as their little brother.  Also, a man’s joystick when interloped inside a love-hole would be the small bridge where the huge army of seeds or jellyfishes will have to cross so as to create a human being.  Thus, Tagalog, Chinese and Malay’s definition of titi is fundamentally the same.

In peyrnes, di madulas sa tindahan ni manong!

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