Ceramic Tile Painting in Melaka

mr. ho, the ceramic tile painter

Along Temple Street in Melaka, Malaysia there sits a long-haired Chinese-Malay looking man who introduced himself as Mr. Ho.  He seems to enjoy smoking cigar from a classic looking wooden pipe during what seem to be a lazy afternoon in Melaka.  While smoking from his pipe, he paints on ceramic tiles that depict colorful mini-replicas of antique European china as well as artistic facades of mansions and colonial buildings found in Melaka.

Looking through the walls of his artworks inside his gallery I was bitten by an artistic bug.  I was easily mesmerized by the colors, artistry and intricacy of his work.  It was like an out of body experience.  Though with a limited budget, I purchased myself one of his works mounted inside a stylish wooden frame.

inside mr. ho’s gallery

my purchase, entitled: “melakan malay courtyard”

a closer look

the written description at the back of the frame

Mr. Ho was courteous enough to allow me to take his photo while he does his painting on one of his ceramic tiles.  Good thing though, I asked for his name because when I stepped out of his shop there was no signage to fully document this artistic experience.

Ma-pintahan nga ang mga tayls sa banyo!

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