Cinemalaya, Rafa Santos & Bisperas

I don’t have the exact figures but from my personal observation Cinemalaya 2011 is a big hit.  Judging from my experience last night when I watched one of the full-length entries, the CCP Main Theater was jam packed.  It was unlike the previous Cinemalayas wherein only few souls had the interest to watch.

I’m sure organizers are partly thankful to Rafa “the-joke-that-never-was” Santos who ignited curious interest of the movie-going public after expressing in an awful TV interview that he prefers to get theater actors in his films because according to him these thespians don’t complain even if they are fed with biscuits three times daily and paid in cat food.

True enough, from the full-length film entry I watched last night (Jeffrey Jeturian’s “Bisperas”), the best performance exhibited in the film was not from the main stream actors and actresses – who sometimes dip their fingers in doing indie film for them to classify themselves as true motion picture artists – but it was from Jen Donnaire, the lady who played the role of Evelyn, the katulong (maid).  The recognized celebrities who starred in the film expectedly portrayed their respective roles in histrionic modes but the actress who played the role of the maid was so natural, so believable and so true-to-life.  She acted with spontaneity without the melodramatic embellishments.  Watching her would make you forget that she is an actress and would make you believe that she is a maid in real life.  Her portrayal certainly do not just deserve biscuits and cat food.

Siguro naman di lang meow fud and binayad sa longkatung yon.

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