Pebbles of Poseidon

the twelve apostles

While journeying the three-hour ride from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road, I and my friends witnessed the country-side beauty of Victoria.  Prior to reaching the coastal highway of the Great Ocean Road, we witnessed the massive lush green fields with breathtaking views and sceneries of mountain ranges. I suddenly felt how the Von Trapp Family felt that I wanted to sing, all together now, The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music…

While passing through the hills and mountainous green fields, we saw great quantities of hale and hearty Australian cows grazing through the hills.  Jesse yarned that the brown colored ungulates when extracted will produce chocolate flavored milk and asked us to spot for the pink colored ones since they ooze the strawberry flavored variety.

Upon reaching the arch that indicates that we have just entered the Great Ocean Road, everybody were ecstatic and could not wait to witness the world’s most scenic road.  True enough the coastline road covers the most incredible scenery that I have ever seen in my entire life.

And when we saw the Twelve Apostles limestone stack formations from afar, we were again literally shouting and giggling from excitement (kahit ihing-ihi na ang lahat).  When we reached our final destination (Port Campbell National Park), Charles – the impressive driver of the group – parked the van and we immediately headed to the board-walk tracks and viewing areas.

denton, garett, karen, charles, jesse & me
jerico, me, joesel, denton, karen, garett & charles
"ang apat ng sikat!"

The spectacular sight was one to behold!  Those pillars of stones were like pebbles of Poseidon beautifully scattered along the shore of Australia before sailing to another continent.

We couldn’t get over the spectacular sight and wanted to get closer to those limestone formations and be at the actual stretch of sandy beach that we headed to the actual edge of the cliff and descended the narrow Gibson Steps (a less-than-five-minute drive from the board-walk and viewing areas).

gibson steps

gibson beach (photo taken by joesel)

The spectacles of The Great Ocean Road, The Twelve Apostles and the Gibson Steps of Victoria in Australia were truly stunning!  We journey back to Melbourne happy and smiling… : )

Si Mel Gibson kaya ang umukit ng hagdang ‘yon o si Poseidon?

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