My Amazing Race Buddies

Early morning of Monday, I got the chance to watch a fresh US episode of the Amazing Race.  I always enjoy watching this show where contestants would zoom from one country to the next but tasks, detours and roadblocks needs to be accomplished in between.

I can travel with anybody, may it be a spitting distance or it would be as far as Jupiter.  But if I were to join in this magnificent race around the globe and would have the opportunity to choose whose soul should I be with to step on the mat at every pit stop, it would be a toss between the following endearing people:

me & karen
me & karen in macau
  • Karen Teotico.  I have journeyed with her and friends in Singapore, Macau, Hongkong, Sydney, Bohol and Boracay.  This month our next stop will be Ho Chi Minh.  She is my usual travel buddy and never did we encounter any disagreement on how should we navigate a city.  For sure, we would have “yosi” break and “shopping-for-pasalubong-moments” after every road block in the race.  We are both poor in directions but Karengkeng can always call Denton (her awesome hubby) to ask for directions. 
me & joesel
me & joesel in sahara
  • Joesel Javier.  His flight attendant profession and being able to travel around the world will be an advantage to partner with him in this type of race.  I personally have been with Joesel and some close friends in a lot of travels (Bohol, Singapore, Sydney, the norther Sahara and all over Morocco).  If me and Karen would have a smoke after every road block, me and Joesel would instead have a cup of Moroccan tea before each leg of the race and enjoy gazing at “walking-works-of-nature” until a thin trickle of drool would run down our mouths.  We may be poor in road routes but we are the type who would surprisingly receive kind assistance from strangers.
me & nengkoy
me & nengkoy in villa escudero
  • Nengkoy.  This would be the best opportunity for me to swell further my bonding with my mother and journey the spectacular parts of the world.  I wont be surprised if my eyes would roll up until only the white portion appears in every hurdle that we would accomplish if I will to tandem with her.  Without doubt, me and Nengkoy would hunt first for a souvenir ref magnet (our personal collection) in each city that we would go to before scampering the task required by the race.  Knowing the antics of Nengkoy since birth, those tasks that we need to pull off would for sure be the funniest moments in the show!

Katulad ko, may sayad kasi ang mga ito.  Panalo!!!

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