Little First Events of 2009

Four hours after I have washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed into sleeping attire, I knew that I already slept after a stupendous 2009 New Year’s Eve celebration.  However, I thought I was brought back in time when I kept hearing a loud noise similar to blasting whistle bomb, detonating fire crackers, exploding super lolo, plapla and bawang.  Was I just dreaming or was I back in time to the New Year’s Eve celebration?  With all my strength I unbolted the locks of my eyelids to find my sister SNORING!  That’s when I returned to consciousness and remembered that I slept inside my sister’s room in Pasay.

Unable to go back to sleep due to rigorous diaphragm and pulmonary calisthenics of my sleeping sister, the first thing I did for this year was to say a silent prayer thanking God for a wonderful year that passed and asking for a peaceful yet breathtaking year ahead.

After saying a prayer, I took my mobile phone to check on what time it was – 6:37 a.m.  Letting loose the childish in me I searched my phone’s feature for a sound recorder to chronicle the sound of my sister’s snore.  After a couple of minutes my sister was awaken by my movements and let her hear what I just recorded.  But she seems disinterested and went back to her sleep.  She was so nonchalant about it – “deadma” in other words.  I was reminded by the cool female characters in the movies who also snore – KC Concepcion in “For the First Time” and Claudine Barreto in “Milan”.  O ‘di ba ka level ng bruha?!

I stood up to check on my e-mail messages and went down the dining area joined by Nengkoy to have our first breakfast this year.

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for everything and sorry for my lapses for the past year.  I hope and pray that 2009 would be a year of full positivity – like the way my sister Jocel took my sound recording – and prosperity for all of us.

Hapi Nyu Yir!

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