A Morning View

a view from my window

a view from my window

I never knew that rainbow still appear in polluted Metro Manila.  Early morning today after a short rainfall, I looked out my window and saw a fast fading rainbow.

It put a smile on my face and made me hum to the tune of Kermit The Frog’s song “The Rainbow Connection” while having my shower.  I presumed that this is a lovely sign from heaven for a beautiful day ahead.

While preparing my breakfast I wondered how come the Tagalog word for rainbow is “bahaghari”?  Bahaghari when translated in English means king’s g-string.  Imagine?  That would be a very colorful yet sexy undies for a king.

Also, according to western belief there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Therefore in Tagalog if the king wears a colorful g-string, what then is at the end of it?  It’s not a pot of gold definitely but two hanging balls! Hahaha!

O sha! O sha! Ang aga aga.  Itlog at hotdog pa naman ang breakfast ko.

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