The Lady of Manaoag

It was my first time to step in the majestic church of our Lady of Manaoag.  The first thing I felt was tranquility even if there was presence of a lot of pilgrims.  The Lady standing at the altar was very peaceful and serene.  It gave me a warm feeling.

Being in the church premise gave me the feeling of old Pinas where mendicants are present just right outside of the church yard.  Unlike here in Manila mendicants are everywhere out to harass everyone.

What did I prayed for?  Certainly, I prayed for peace and simplicity on the complexities of life ahead.  I prayed for all my relatives, friends, co-workers and myself.  I also prayed for all the requests and desires of all people inside the church.  Of course, I thanked God for all the blessings that came and will come my way.

There is a belief that a person should wish for something when entering a church for the first time.  Without doubt, I did wish for something which I would not want to reveal.  Only God knows.  It’s one thing that I would like to keep as a secret between me and Him.  I know that through the intercession of our Lady of Manaoag this wish will eventually come true.

Actually, spending the whole day with Nengkoy and the whole family going to and from Manaoag talking about life experiences is already one great wish that already came true.  I’m looking forward to returning and visiting the Lady.

Simpleng saya, simpleng ligaya. ‘Yan ang gusto ko!

1 thought on “The Lady of Manaoag

  1. true ka dyan, sobrang peaceful yun place ng Our Lady of Manaoag, the last time i went there is also with my family. With Her powerful intercession ,God hear and answer all our prayers.

    Ang bait natin di ba!


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