Think Free

In less than a month from now, I would be a year older.  At my mature age, I swear that I would no longer think of how the others would see me as a person.  As long as I am happy and know that I would enjoy anything or any circumstance that I would come in contact with, I would go for it.  No soul can stop me from doing or achieving whatever I want.  I am empowered.

Think free! These are the two powerful words that I actually saw flashing inside my head in bold psychedelic blinking colored lights while I am writing this article.

Why do we always have to seek everybody else’s approval for almost anything?  Who cares about what the rest of the world thinks?  “Be what you want to be” is a first-rate faculty! Thinking of how others would think of me is so 10,000 seasons ago.

O ‘di ba?! Ang lalim…

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