Sisters Swinging Out!

British jazz pop duo, Swing Out Sisters is the first international band that I have watched in a live concert.  I remember more than 15 years ago during my college days, me and my classmates went to Ninoy Aquino Stadium to watch their first concert in the country.  The stadium was full packed.

A couple of weeks ago, along with my usual tour mate Karen Friendship, we watched the latest concert of the Swing Out Sisters at the Araneta Coliseum.  As usual and as expected there were agglomeration of people who arrived to watch the show.  One thing is noticeable though, those who went to see the concert were obviously of my same age range and grew up in the pop-cultured 80’s generation.

Me and Karen Friendship enjoyed the show.  What added more to the fun we were already having were the two couples right in front of us.  What I know usually on a double date, may it be in a concert or in a cinema, the ladies would sit beside each other and the men would settle at both ends.  This time surprisingly, it’s the men who were beside each other and their girlfriends were the ones who were sitting at each end, disabling them to do their usual girly talk.  These couples like the other watchers would stand up, sing and dance along to the tune every time a common hit song would be played and sang by the band.

What was even more surprising that got me and Karen laughed our heart out was when the song “Am I The Same Girl?” was played by the band!  Both the boyfriends jumped out of their seats, danced and sing along with the tune.  Both boyfriends were singing… “Am I the same girl, you used to know?… Yes I am! Yes I am!” while dancing, facing each other and pointing at each other not minding at all what their girlfirends were doing.  It was hilarious!

Ang saya ng palatuntunan sa entablado at sa harap namin ni Karengkeng.

1 thought on “Sisters Swinging Out!

  1. Isang malaking HAHAHA! Actually, I still have their dance video of “BREAKOUT”. I wanted to upload it at youtube kaya lang, baka ma-demanda akich, hihihi


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