Big-Joke Named Trillanes!

After all the outrageous mess that has happened last November 29 in Manila Peninsula hotel led by Antonio Trillanes IV and his Magdalo group, the country is back again in its not so normal state making small steps towards progress.  This event only showed that Pinoy folks are still suffering from people power fatigue.


Trillanes No thanks to the 11 million people who trusted and voted for this preposterous scene stealing creature for making him a senator.  Thank goodness I was not one of them.  Surprisingly, after the embarrassing Manila Peninsula hotel standoff no one seems to admit now that he/she voted for him.  For sure his voters are very disappointed for this is not the type of service they have expected from the guy.

Maybe the reason why Trillanes wanted to overtake Manila Peninsula hotel is because he wanted it to be the new Malacañang Palace where he will hold his office if he succeeded!  Hahaha!  Pa-sosyal ang lolo mo!  No to big-joke Trillanes!  Jail that obtuse-witted senator!

One of the lessons that can be learned in this incident is that people need not go out of the street to show how one loved his country.  It is merely by doing your job efficiently with full honesty and integrity that will lead our country to greater heights.

Hay nako!  Binoto nyo kasi, ayan tuloy feeling ewan ang lolo mo!

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