My being a Kuya in October 19, 2007

When feaks of terror strike, what do you do? Me?

Neil4_7While I hear and receive apocalyptic news and conspiracy theories about the bombing that  happened in Glorietta 2 early this afternoon, the first thing I did when I heard the news was to call home.  After numerous rings and no one answered, I decided to call Ate Gaying (my elder sister) since she often goes to that mall (I suppose for lunch or a quick shopping).  It gave me a big relief when she answered her phone.  I summoned her to call Denden and Erika my eldest pamangkins (nephew and niece) for they are often mall-going geeks.

Late in the afternoon, I received a text message from Erika asking where I am.  I called her right away to make sure if everything was okay.  Erika answered her phone relaying that they were home.  She gave the phone to my younger sister (Jocelyn) asking if I would drop by Nengkoy’s place to hang-out and have dinner.  Upon knowing that everybody was safe, I felt relieved.

One thing dawned on me during my afternoon phone conversation with Ate Gaying.  She expressed that my being a “kuya” (big brother) has surfaced.

It maybe my being Kuya or na praning nanaman ako…

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