A Masterpiece Entitled: The Kite Runner

I was too haunted, I wanted to stop reading.  I was also too curious and hopeful, I wanted to continue reading.  This is the ambiguous emotion I felt while reading the book entitled “The Kite Runner”, a masterpiece authored by Khaled Hosseini.

Kite_1This is a very powerful novel.  I feel as if every page is a sharp knife cutting deep into my heart, slicing it relentlessly in the most painful way one can conceive.  I was totally immersed in this very gripping story.  I couldn’t stop myself  until I reached the last word of the last chapter.  The book grabbed me until the very end, where I felt not happy, not sad, but hopeful.

Reading the book was like an incredible journey towards Afghanistan, its splendor and its turmoil.  I was taken to magnificient Afghanistan and its horrible nightmare of oppression and violence.

The character of Hassan equals the most brilliantly crafted personality ever to grace the pages of any novel I have read.  Anyone who has a heart cannot resist being moved by Hassan’s moral fiber, his innocence, his nobility in the face of injustices, his loyalty in the face of betrayal and his untimate sacrifice for a friend who has turned on him for no reason other than his own inadequacies.

I admit that I am one who does not read a lot.  But I must say that this is one of the best pieces of modern day literature I have ever read.

I felt the book.

1 thought on “A Masterpiece Entitled: The Kite Runner

  1. same thing here, i finished that book in only 3 days, now im excited kase im going to watch it tomorrow sa big screen…i cant forget the rape scene..thats the starting point for me to curse the other character, i hated him most of the time.
    ive read the authors other novel a thousand splendid sun
    set too in afghanistan, you should read it, and youre goingto feel the same emotion


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