The last five days has been great! Walang pasok (translation: no work).

Today I am in a lazy catatonic state. Today, I reported late in the office. Today, I interviewed seven student-trainee applicants for the training center that I work with. Today, I prepared several memoranda to employees and restaurant outlets that I work at. Today, I had lunch with the Financial Comptroller and Operations Manager. Today, I had a meeting with a Swiss guy who is a wine connoisseur. Today, I had several phone calls from our Cebu restaurants that I attended to. Today, I prepared my agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. Today, I talked to my agent about the 2 units of columbarium I have purchased. Today, I went home early. Today is a not so busy day. Today, I am still in vacation mode after a 5-day holiday.

I wonder if there is a job out there which only requires the employees to sleep all day. If there would be one… I would be the first person to apply! Zzzzz…

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