My Last Fait Accompli for 2006

A new hair cut on New Year according to Chinese tradition will bring good luck. This will cut away the troubles, messed-up problems and bad nuances from last year.

Neil2_1 That is why, at around six thirty in the afternoon on the last day of 2006, I dragged by delicious body to SM Mall of Asia to have a hair cut.  I went straight to the hair salons lined up at the second floor but no shop would allow me anymore since according to them they’re already close.

Until I entered David Salon and zealously asked the receptionist if they can still accommodate the filamentous projections coming out of my scalp.  Voila!  They did accommodate me!  At the end of the day, all other customers have settled their bill and all staffs of the salon are hurrying to clean up the shop but I was still inside.  After my hair was styled, I told the courteous stylist that I am actually their last customer for 2006.

This is the last feat I had with year 2006, being the last customer of David’s Salon SM Mall of Asia for 2006.

Sa may buhok man o wala, Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “My Last Fait Accompli for 2006

  1. pinasaya mo ko sa mga kwento mo huh. wish ko lang makahook ka sa new haircut mo. namiss ko tuloy ang SM hmp! Happy New Year my dear friend. hope to see you soon. mwaaah


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