A Gift for Santa Claus

Santa For a change I will be the one to give Santa Claus a gift!  For being so naughty this year I am saving him a trip to my house.  I know his going to be so tired coming Christmas Eve since there has been a lot of mortals who has been so nice.  With billions of people expecting gift from Santa all over the world he will be mega busy and will be worn-out, drained and dead-beaten.

Time One proof that people has been so nice this year was Time Magazine’s decision to choose everyone (yes everybody!) to be the “Person of the Year”.  To those who don’t know it yet, YOU are Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.  Congratulations to all of us!

What about you? What’s your gift for Santa? Let me give 3 good suggestions…

1.  Santa for sure will love a whole body massage!  After carrying those back breaking load of gifts, he can have a relaxing day on December 26, the day when everybody is enjoying the gifts that they have received

2.  Santa needs to have a facial.  His face for sure will be full of dirt after getting in through the chimney of every house around the world.  There might be no chimney in the houses in the Philippines but with the dark polluted air in Metro Manila his skin pores will surely be clogged.

Shirt2_23.  With his classic beer belly look a cool shirt with a print saying "No, I’m not pregnant" will be perfect!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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