My November 24, 2006

Neil On Looks:

Thank goodness I celebrated my birthday with a waistline way below my age.  It’s a tall order when you passed the age of 30.  What I am now is not a product of a huge bank account or a result of a liposuction clinic. Fortunately, every part of me is but a genetic gift. 

On Demeanor:

Treating all people equal and the same has been a challenge.  Trying to understand and be mature enough about things and situations is a huge accomplishment.  I have been a work in progress.  Maybe it’s the age.  Maybe the long years have finally paid off.

On Feelings:

With my age, I have long mastered the art of being alone in solitude and enjoy what my simple life has to offer.  Whatever it is, I love what my life has been and I am looking forward to more blessings… big, small, round, square or whatever shape it may be.

On Wealth:

Meron akong two hundred twenty three pesos sa wallet ko ngayon!

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