My November 24, 2006

Neil On Looks:

Thank goodness I celebrated my birthday with a waistline way below my age.  It’s a tall order when you passed the age of 30.  What I am now is not a product of a huge bank account or a result of a liposuction clinic. Fortunately, every part of me is but a genetic gift. 

On Demeanor:

Treating all people equal and the same has been a challenge.  Trying to understand and be mature enough about things and situations is a huge accomplishment.  I have been a work in progress.  Maybe it’s the age.  Maybe the long years have finally paid off.

On Feelings:

With my age, I have long mastered the art of being alone in solitude and enjoy what my simple life has to offer.  Whatever it is, I love what my life has been and I am looking forward to more blessings… big, small, round, square or whatever shape it may be.

On Wealth:

Meron akong two hundred twenty three pesos sa wallet ko ngayon!


4 thoughts on “My November 24, 2006

  1. Hi Neil! Belated happy birthday!

    Wishin’ you more blessings, good health, happiness and everything that you deserve! I’m not surprised, you still look like you’re 27, and yes, that’s not a product of “salamat po duktor,” but because you are a very beautiful person inside & out! And it really shows. God bless Neil! 🙂


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