Implosion Prevention

In the office this afternoon, busy and stressed with work – opening 5 restaurants this month, running a training center, operating the HR needs of 14 existing restaurants – I suddenly hear myself humming a rhythm.  While working focused on something at the computer, without any clue and external clout, I was uttering the lyrics and humming the haunting classic Pinoy song "Payapang Daigdig" (translation: Peaceful World).

Ang gabi’s payapa

Lahat ay tahimik

Pati mga tala sa bughaw na langit

Kay hinhin ng hangin, wari’y umiibig

Sa kapayapaan ng buong daigdig.

Payapang panahon

Ay diwa ng buhay

Biyaya ng Diyos

Sa sangkatauhan

Ang gabi’y payapa, lahat ay tahimik

Pati mga tala

Sa bughaw na langit.

This song as I researched from the internet was written in 1945 by the great Philippine National Artist Felipe De Leon.  It was originally not a Christmas hymn but was written in "the morning after thousands have died and saw that bombs during the Second World War had leveled the entire city of Manila".

At first I thought I was just buzzing it because Christmas is nearing.  But after learning this significant fact, I knew that my subconscious is actually trying to convey that after all this demanding, stressful and taxing condition in the office peace and tranquility will soon follow. 

Scream I guess it’s my spontaneous way to avert my nutty self from imploding!

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