I Got ‘Apo’

Kaminapomuna Last Sunday (Aug 20), I bought the CD that every blogger in the Philippines has written or will be writing about.  The ‘Kami nAPO Muna’ CD, a compilation of Apo Hiking Society’s songs as rendered by today’s hottest rock and pop bands in the country.  I must admit, it is now the hippest thing to have and to listen to!  It’s the cool songs that I grew up with.  Listening to it is like having an awesome blast from the past blended with head banging fun and ass-kicking feeling!

However, I was a bit frustrated when producers missed to include a very endearing song ‘Huwag Masanay Sa Pagmamahal’ sang by Apo and Kuh Ledesma.  This is the same song where Sharon Cuneta and Edu Manzano have some dialogues at the beginning playing husband and wife cursing each other.  For me this is the rarest musical production done by Apo.  This will also become one of the extraordinary moments in OPM industry for the years to come.  Imagine in one cut having industry legends Kuh, the Apo, Edu and Sharon?  Maybe the reason this was not included is because no one could top the imperative lineup of names when it was first recorded.

Nevertheless, Apo truly deserves a heartwarming tribute like this… as what Danny Javier says, "… Damhin nyo na lang ang puso"

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