Naan Stop Naan Sense

Eating at Tandoor King in SM Mall of Asia and Bollywood Bistro Bar at Greenbelt 3 is a big treat.  These restaurants serve one of my favorite breads!

Naan2 Its mere appearance is not appetizing.  It’s nothing but white.  It looks like a disfigured puffy thick pizza without the toppings.  Its bottom side is slightly brown in color that adds the smoky flavor.  But when stuffed with melted cheese, you will forget your identity when you taste it.

An uncomplicated flat leavened bread from India, naan is made of white flour baked in tandoor oven.  Prior to cooking, the dough needs a lot of spanking by bare hands and will be slapped on the walls of the oven.  It should be eaten hot and fresh.  May it be served in basket or on plate, I freakin’ adore it!  It’s like Pinoy’s pandesal, it’s no good when cold or stale.  If Pinoys plunge the pandesal in coffee, Europeans dip their biscuits in their tea and Americans dunk their cookies in their milk, Indians scoop their stews using naan.

I’m lovin’ it!  Naan, a straightforward chow with superb surprise to the senses.

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